Monday, April 27, 2009

It's been too long...

23 days left of school, but who's counting?! Yikes! A few weeks into my chemistry class. So far, so good. We've mostly been working on math, which I'm not too bad at, so I've got an A! Ha. Hopefully it lasts! This class is less stressful!
I'm excited for my birthday this weekend. Sort of. Is your life what you expected to be at 27, or whatever age you may be? I don't really know what I had envisioned at this point...I don't know that I actually ever did. I don't feel as old at 26 and 360 days as I thought I would, which I guess is good!
I'm getting very excited for my summer schedule, although, a little nervous! I'm sure that will pass after the first day. 
Some other things I'm looking forward to are San Diego to see the DBacks and relax, as well as my step-brother's wedding. Otherwise that's about it.
Dear Chase, 
Please stop getting sick. I can't afford you.
All my love, 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ugh, this week has been so annoying. I usually take each day as it comes but I'm just Debbie Downer this week! I have been sick and exhausted and my body has been fighting for sleep and rest and I'm not giving in! To top it off, my kids have been pushing the last of my buttons left to be pushed before I smack them! (Totally kidding...please don't report me). The last week (AIMS, my final, Denver) has caught up with me.

Speaking of my final...I went into it totally ready with my positive attitude (you know, The Secret) and left totally defeated. The good news is I passed the class. I'm just not used to things not coming naturally and easily (not to sound cocky at ALL, I just never really had to "study"). I've started my CHM class this week. It won't be as intense since it's not the accelerated version. I'm hoping I'll enjoy this a little more because it's more "leisurely" paced and it has a little math in it and hopefully not too much new info. I probably just set myself up for failure there!

Speaking of math...totally bummed I have to take a math placement test and an intermediate algebra class. Yes, I totally already took a placement test and higher level math, but apparently that doesn't count. Oh well, refreshers don't hurt, I guess. But it's like another 400 Benjamins! 

Alright, going to finish up my work and help put the compost together. What am I looking forward to this weekend? A deep cleaning on Saturday of the house. Stoked. And sleeping. Ahhh, sleep. 

Off to dream,


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I love Jonathan. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

One of my favorite things to do is eat dinner outside with my boys. We have such a great view of the mountains. Even when I take a bath. And the sky is heavenly at 545 a.m. Life is good. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A few things I'm craving right now.

-A day where I do not have to think about anything related to work or school. 

-A San Diego trip...mostly for the drive. 

-A cleaning lady.

-The school year to be over.

-A baseball game.

-A good run.

-Quality time with a bunch of friends.

-Holding Jonathan's niece.

-A detox.

-A Flagstaff trip. 

The end.
Every day I watch the news, read the paper, drive around, go to work, etc, I question whether or not I want to bring child(ren) into this world. I used to sometimes wonder why people didn't have kids and though they were sort of egotistical. Now I think I'd be doing a large disservice to a child if I brought them into this mess of a world. Sigh. Maybe things will magically get better in the next few years:)

Going to get the paper, cut out coupons, fold some laundry, study for my final, and prepare mentally for the AIMS tests Mon. - Weds. Getting excited for Denver though!! Yay!