Thursday, May 28, 2009

Burst of Exhaustion!

Yeah, not energy. Ugh. 

Today is weird. It was like a giant rollercoaster of emotions between really the "last" day of school and a gazillion other things. Packing away all my stuff, an empty classroom, reading my yearbook notes from my students, spending a lot of money that needs to be spent but don't really have...yikes! I felt a headache coming on so I had a green monster and ran on the treadmill but wasn't feeling it. The headache never went away. After I made dinner I sat down and just wanted to sleep for days. My eyes were and still are sooooo tired. I'm hoping to make it an early night.

Everything is just kind of hitting me now. Even though school is done tomorrow I have to study for my midterm, start class on Monday, take the NET soon, worry about spending money wisely (or not spending)... it's my new reality! All these weddings (okay, 2) and travels are stressful! And I guess switching careers is pretty stressful for anyone so it's expected. I'll just have to learn to deal with it! 

Heading over to Mr. Wann's house tomorrow for a farewell and maybe to Pan Asia for a few sake bombs. I am making the commitment in writing that I will be at the library on Saturday. I MUST keep my A in Chemistry so I need to study down for my midterm since I will be starting classes Monday through Thursday and leaving for San Diego Friday. I've done pretty well this week with keeping up with house stuff so I won't be overwhelmed with that this weekend. 

Enjoying a glass of wine and hoping the DBacks don't falter again,

Monday, May 25, 2009

This is Just a Dream.

What a great, long weekend. Usually 3 day weekends feel like they go by faster than normal weekends but this one was great and productive.

On Friday we picked up the shampooer from my mom's house and went to happy hour with Rob and Michael. I think we just hung out after that. It seems so long ago! Saturday I shampooed one room and cleaned, then Jonathan's family came over for his dad's birthday and we grilled and of course I cooked everything from scratch even though J told me at about 1pm they would be over. It was yummy but we have a lot of left overs, which I guess is a good thing;) We also babysat Angelina. She's a good baby. I can't wait till we can take her to baseball games. I guess we could do that now, actually, before we have to pay for a seat for her. Or is that airplanes? Oh well.

Yesterday I scrambled to get all my homework and my lab done during the day. The best part (here ya go, Brad) was having to go to CVS for just one thing: glycerin. Well the only liquid I could find was like an anal suppository with a lubed tip. Yep. So I had to buy a bunch of random stuff so it wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb. Then we met Katy and Brad at Le Grande Orange for dinner. Not too impressed. My salad was good but the pizza was awful. Thinking back I really should have said something. If anyone in my kitchen ever let that go out to a table, I'd be pissed. It was a simple Margherita pizza and it was rock hard and over cooked. Somehow we managed to eat most of it. Then we saw Angels and Demons. Wasn't too bad. I had low expectations to begin with. 

Today I made finishing touches to my homework, went to Target (Erica, you technically don't have a job anymore...don't go to Target!), took the dogs for a walk, shampooed some more carpets, did yoga, and now I'm waiting for my gardener to come inside so I can un-pause Jon and Kate Plus Eight. I'm soooo ready to watch the premiere! I may just start without him. I have been waiting 23 minutes. 

I keep going through these phases with my body. Like I feel good about it, then I feel like a cow....ugh. I keep having good weeks with exercise then really busy weeks where it's 8 or 9 before I can work out and that's too late- I'll be up all night. I just need to get back into the swing of things!

Well four more days of a career, and in one week I start school. I'm so nervous! I just need to get past the first day! Okay, off to press play. J can watch it later!

We salute you,

Friday, May 22, 2009

4 More Days, Just 4 More Days.

I can't believe it! What's even scarier is that I start school a week from Monday! AAH! And that also means we leave for San Diego in two weeks. YAY!.

I've really enjoyed the gloomy weather lately. I love the rain, especially at night. So peaceful! And we don't have to water plants. Double yay! 

This week went by very fast, surprisingly. We went to Mexicali on Saturday just for the night to see Jonathan's grandma and family. It was very dirty and buggy but very peaceful and fun. Definitely needed a shower when we returned but it was worth it;)

Looking forward to a three-day weekend. Kind of wish that I was going somewhere nature-y but I have a lot to catch up on this weekend including laundry, shampooing the carpets, homework, putting up new curtains for the sliding door, and who knows what else. We're going to head out to Scottsdale to get the shampooer from Mom and have some dinner/drinks/movie. 

Happy long weekend, 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bad updater.

I'm too busy to write any more words. 

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Hills are Alive

So here is my prep work for my homemade pizza. I used Chris Bianco's dough recipe (hello, chef/owner of my fav..Pizzeria Bianco) and was so worried I'd screw it up, but I was actually quite proud how it turned out. Here's the final product (the first pizza): 
Not too shabby if I'd say so myself. Topped it off with basil from the garden:) 

Yesterday was really fun with my mom, brother, and sister. We had some pizza (again) at Z Pizza and watched the baseball game. And they actually won. I have a new boyfriend on the DBacks. My mom kept calling him Fill-a-pee. Ha. I am reLAXing tonight...and tutoring Jonathan's sister in math tomorrow...Hope I know the math:) And hope my legs aren't too sore from my run/buns and thighs yoga.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

In the meantime.


-Pictures of my delicious pizza w/ dough recipe compliments of Chris Bianco 

-Struggling with: 1) Chemistry Equations 2) Keeping a clean house 3) Finding time to think about nothing 4) Eating healthy, organic, meatless, and well and living a little

-Recaps of Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom decided she didn't quite think it was a great idea to hike today unless we went at like 5 am, which she was kind enough to not make us do. We're going to Z Pizza downtown and go to watch the baseball game! That should be fun. What is the rule for paying for your brother and sister on Mother's Day? I imagine I'll be buying them lunch, ice cream, souvenirs, beer...:) Man, children are expensive.
Just checked my grade for my last lab, I'm still getting an A...a 96%. Woo! That is definitely motivation to keep doing well:) 
Going on the treadmill for a bit, taking a shower, and getting some dog food before meeting the family. Call your moms! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What do I want to know?

That's what the yoga lady kept saying to me today...I did an "unwind" yoga...I started to do a core yoga but my abs were still sore from Saturday, I swear! I'm either needing sleep badly or to the brink of exhaustion. Ah, 16 more school days left.
Today I made the best salad...spring mix, toasted pine nuts, crumbled blue cheese, raspberry vinegairette, and red onion. Delish. Also made a roasted red pepper/mozzarella chesse melt on this delicious jalapeno bread from Safeway that was 98 cents. Did not post the picture because I'm in the process of doing 42 things right now. Obviously succeeding 100% at all of them. 
Let's see, how off have I been on the date today? Well I wrote the year "2007" one point during the day and October on my homework. Who knows where my head is?
Looking forward to Mother's Day because I get to go to Breakfast Club with my family and then we're going hiking. Hopefully I won't die of heat stroke. But I do get to use my Camel Pak or whatever it's called. 
Alright, off to finish my chemistry. Totally not focused this week. I think I'm worried because it's getting harder and I want to keep my A! I think, I hope, I have a different mindset with this class. I'm looking forward to being in an actual class with people and a teacher in June. So sooooon! I'm getting a little nervous but still excited. Yipes. Okay, I'm really going now.

See you tomorrow,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whole lotta love.

Today was busy and hectic but got a lot accomplished. Well, there's always more on the to-do list but I've got a good start. OOH and I sold my first item on eBay! I put some textbooks up from my Masters classes. Man, I am an aggressive pricer! I not really looking to make a career out of it and I know how much it sucks to pay that much for a book! Hopefully my other ones will sell!
Came home, did yoga...I really am glad I came back to yoga after running for a while. It's a lot more movement and not so tedious and I'm not starting at a white wall. It's been working my quads and my core but it feels so good to be sore! Then I improvised some guacamole in honor of Cinco de Mayo using some 68 cent avocados! This was before I mashed: 
Didn't take an after picture because I had to dig in right good!
Then Jonathan was watering the plants and we found this cute little guy in our backyard: 

We did release him, don't worry:) Off to watch the DBacks suck some more, American Idol, and HOUSEWIVES!


Monday, May 4, 2009

Tell me what ya ate today.

Today was a good Monday. I came home, did yoga, and made dinner. Here is what I ate. I had whole wheat spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, parmesan, and parsley from the garden. Then I had a side of arugula with roasted red pepper vinegarette. Yum. Now I'm trying not to crave ice cream. 
Off to make a grocery list. Fun times! 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dial 1-900-Mix-Alot

My first day of being 27. Wahoo. I had a lot of fun on my birthday and was so glad to see the Dueppens, the Franklins, and Jessie, and of course all of my other friends. I just don't get to see the former EVER!  It really meant a lot:) Today was unproductive, but that's okay. I worked my butt off for a few days so that I could do nothing today! 
My abs are so sore from yoga! I did the advanced and it kicked my ass! I didn't even realize I was working my abs! Great, I'm out of work out commission for a few days;)
We booked our San Diego trip! Yay! That's my birthday present. I love it there. If Jonathan wasn't so scared of natural disasters, we'd live there. I really want to go to Portland and Seattle soon. I've been to Seattle but not in a very long time. 
Today I listed 20 textbooks on eBay. Don't know if anyone will buy, but I thought I'd try it out. Don't think I'll make a career out of it though. Trying to make some money for my summer school textbooks, which will be around 40o Benjamins. Yikes!
Okay, off to watch the Simpsons and Family Guy. And I suppose I need to finish my homework. Ugh. 

Ta Ta,

Friday, May 1, 2009

We're half awake in a fake empire.

Totally overplayed, but swine flu. Am I supposed to be worried? Because I'm not. I'm just really annoyed at all of the fear mongering. I'll probably jinx myself, but I do not think I have ever had the flu...nor have I been vaccinated for it ever. I have colds like twice a year. I shake my kids' hands every morning after they wipe their runny noses and stick their fingers who knows where. I have a pretty kick-ass immune system. Ha. I'm not running around with a mask anytime soon. But I also will not be going to Mexico anytime soon:)
Chase has been sick vomiting and bloody stool. Yum. Second time in month and a half. I feel like such a bad mom. No kids of mine are getting sick! Of course I take him to the vet because if I don't, he'd probably die and I'd feel really guilty. But it costs $200 each time. Geez. And today the microscope examination cost $50...she said "I'm going to look at this under the microscope" and doesn't bother to tell me I'll have to pay her for her time. Ugh, so annoying.
Okay, getting excited for my birthday tomorrow (kinda). It's supposed to rain, of course, and I have ANOTHER sick one so maybe Jake will be my date:) 
Off to finish my lab and watch beisbol!