Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Become the Things We Do

Wowza! It's Friday already tomorrow! Hard to believe that we were in Flagstaff a week ago tomorrow. The madness! Yes, madness. Lots and lots of fun... it's hard to go back there and not be in college mood. Lots of wine was consumed, a little dancing was done, some things were lost, and a good time was had by all. That is all.

Mooooooving on... this week actually went pretty fast, minus a few bumps in the road that got me in a cruddy mood for a little bit. I sort of milked it though. I told J I wasn't having that great of a day yesterday and that some Pizzeria Bianco was needed. So of course he obliged. We got there later than normal due to work and meetings, got in the first seating, AND there was still seats left after everyone went in. It was rare form. But so delicious, as always.

Not much is happening this weekend but coming up I have a wedding shower, a wedding, and a weekend with the boys. I think we're going to take a trip up north (and I'm taking a sick day!) and bringing the dogs with us. It's almost fall break time. Well, J has his two weeks before mine so we'll be using his for our stay-cation time :)

That's about all the boring things happening in my life ;) I'm catching up on Teen Mom and some DVR'd shows, then it's bedtime. I LOVE going to bed before 9. Such a loser, I know.

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