Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You've Seen the Best Already

I'm so glad the day is almost over! I was a ball of emotion today for many reasons. And by emotions I mean crabby, irritated, crying! Ah! I'm sure my students were just as glad to leave me as I was ;)

Tomorrow a couple of my colleagues and I will be teaching at our school's "University". It's something we designed for teachers to be better teachers! I'm excited for the opportunity but teachers are the worst! Ha! I just hope everyone finds our classes beneficial and not a waste of time!

I can't believe November is here. You better believe I have started my Christmas list! And if I only get a Canon Rebel, I'll be happy. And a Kindle. That's it. I swear.

Guess I didn't have much to write about, just felt like writing. I've been missing Jessie; tomorrow will be 7 months already! Wow.

I'm looking forward to cool weather, snow in the high country, and down comforters.

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