Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm drinking the best green monster right now! I added some strawberries and yummmm!

Anyway, just hanging out a little before I go to meet Katy for lunch and shopping (again). I'm into the second week of my math class and have 2 weeks left of chemistry! This math class is pretty easy but sometimes I feel like I'm in my trig class from high school. My teacher would stop and go, "Wait, okay, um...oh sorry," and erase the board. Ugh. I can do that too until I get the right answer! I even felt like I was in high school more today because a table was laughing and my teacher was getting annoyed and she's like, "What's so funny?" It was embarrassing. Another reason why I really enjoy Gateway over any other MCC I've been to (which is like 2). At least it's only 4 weeks! 

Time is winding down for J's summer...When I leave for Vegas he has to go to pre-service already:( I guess it's not much different since he's teaching summer school but still during the school year it's more intense and a lot more work is brought home. Perfect time for me to get a job! Any thoughts? I want something mindless yet at the same time exciting and challenging. Does that exist? 

Anyway, better do some work before I have to leave. I'm hoping to go camping this weekend. I'm not exactly a camping veteran so I need some assistance. Maybe Katy will have some ideas. 



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