Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Savoring the Moment


I've been savoring the last few days of summer with the both of us home, hanging out in our cool cave, determined to stay out of the heat and sun. Jonathan's been playing Madden like it's the end of the world. The songs are constantly in my head from the Madden soundtrack (circa 2008!). I've been reading, baking, doing laundry, playing with our new foster kitties, and relaxing.

Know what else I've been savoring? The last few pages of The Help. Our book club was pushed back a week because other people have real jobs and kids and couldn't be reading on the beach or on airplanes as easily as I was. So I didn't feel too much pressure to finish it all at once. I have about 40 pages left and I'm reading a few pages at a time because I don't want it to end! It's such a delicious read!

Our (4) foster babies are doing well. The babies are super adorable at 4 weeks old and mom is starting to warm up to us. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they need to be secluded for about a week. We have the kiddie gate up in our extra room and Jake is in love with one of them. He sits and stares at him for a long time and when Jake leaves the kitty meows for him. So cute! We do need names for all of them. Isn't that fun, we get to name them? The one with the eye patch is the curious, noisy type. The black one loves his mama and eats all of the time. The other one is chill and super duper cute with funny eyes.

I'm about to start on our new puzzle (seriously, I used to be cool). Katy inspired me when I visited her in Cali and J wanted to do one so why not?!

Stay cool!!

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  1. Oh my goodness those kittens! My heart squealed.