Monday, July 26, 2010

You've Been Famous Since Your Birth

I'm patiently waiting for my favorite dinner (veggie pot pie) to finish cooking so I thought I'd update the bloggy blog a little. Also, I have this obsession with Tetris Live that I need to get over. Actually, the computer should just be taken away from me! 

Jonathan went back to school today (kids come next week) and I still have this week left and two more weeks until students come back. I guess that will allow to hopefully be pretty productive in preparing for the school year. Have I mentioned how excited I am to have a real job again? And feel like an adult?! I did a little school clothes shopping today which got me excited even more :) I just need to replenish my shoe supply! 

Our foster babies are doing well, although I think one of them has a kitty cold. Another day or two and they can venture around our house and play with the dogs, as long as they're all healthy. Jake is in love with them. If you know Jake, you'll know he's a mama's boy. If I go downstairs, he follows; if I go to bed, so does he. Not now. He sits in front of the gate that separates the kitties room and stares at them like he's watching TV. It's the cutest thing ever. Hopefully he doesn't eat them once he meets them. Chase, on the other hand, could care less. Anyone that takes away our attention, he doesn't like. 

Tomorrow I'll be meeting my cousin and mom for dinner since my cousin is in town for work. Then we're meeting for book club on Wednesday at La Bocca, yum! Also, I'm looking forward to Flagstaff in less than two weeks! We'll be going for the Cardinal's scrimmage game plus a beer festival of sorts called the Big Red Pour. Yay! Actually, I could go to Flagstaff to drive around and be happy :)

The oven's beeping. Time for din-din!

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