Saturday, July 17, 2010

West Coast Represent

I'm back from my wonderful time spent in California with the Russell's. That was my last "hurrah" before it's time to get back to the real world of... WORK! I'm very excited to start working again, as I've said before ;)

Cali was nice. We had a lot of down time, which was fine by me. Beaches and pools took up most of our time. We did have a fun time at the Angels game last night, with tickets courtesy of John. It was fun to go to a new stadium and take the train there. It was sort of a hassle because I left my phone on the train on the way back (AHHHH!!) but luckily I realized it soon enough so I was able to pick it up this morning in San Diego. That's what train drinking does to you.

The drive home today was long, hot, and my book on CD (Firefly Lane) was putting me to sleep. I tried to pull over to shut my eyes for a few minutes (probably not the safest idea) in a gas station parking lot but after about 30 seconds I was sweating and suffocating from the heat. I decided to get out of the car, use the restroom, and get a Wild Cherry Pepsi. Not delicious, especially since I could taste the cup. Soda has been pretty much eliminated from my diet, but I wanted something naughty since I was by myself. Hehe! I was excited to see my boys and be sweaty in my hot house. The Russell's froze me out with their AC!

Jonathan was going to take me to our neighborhood restaurant, Amano's, for dinner. We pulled up and they were closed! We decided to go to Cibo instead, which was nice. Crowded and noisy, but we had a nice time. I opted for dessert instead of wine (Nutella + bananas, hello!!) and we ended up taking the equivalent of a full pizza home. It's nice to go out to dinner once in a while but we really like cooking a staying in. Although I'll probably be pizza-ed out since our book club meeting for The Help is this week at La Bocca. I did score a sweet coupon to use there, however. We'll have to decide what our next book will be. So many options!

Currently I'm watching J play Madden 08 (what year is it?!) and sweating. Really. I'm excited to sleep in my bed and do some more relaxing tomorrow. The end of summer is near... working a few days this week and then one more week before it's time to go back! And hopefully it starts cooling down. Where's the monsoons? I live for rain and thunderstorms!

Must catch up on magazines. Obviously my mind is all over the place.

P.S. I posted some pics from vacay on Facebook, as well as my photo blog

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