Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Barely breathing.

Yesterday was my first day back at Gallagher's. I worked a split. I "trained" in the a.m. and got thrown on the floor in the p.m. Hello?? I was absent for over 2 years and I was a bartender! I made it through the night pretty much unscathed but there is a new menu and new buttons and new specials. Ugh. Not a fan of this serving thing, especially old ladies. I have to keep telling myself that I love serving and to stop complaining and take what I can get. This doesn't seem to be the most lucrative position, however. Oh well, we shall see.  Oh, and one of the bartenders just got into the nursing program at Maricopa CC. She was on the waiting list for 2.5 years! Yikes! I am PRAYING for this Banner thing to work out... Cannot picture having to do odd jobs for that long!

In other news, this is my last week before school starts again! I have decided to wait until the first day to purchase my books; mostly because they are costing an arm and a leg. Not excited about that! Today I am just hanging out before work then on Thursday I have to go to alcohol license class and get my food handlers card again. Fun times. 

Well, I may get off the couch and go to Starbucks. Or maybe not. TTYL! LYLAS!


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