Friday, August 14, 2009

I've got a feeling.

So, where did we last leave off, Blogger? 

I believe since our last meeting, I have been to Flagstaff, gotten a job, hung out and have been lazy, and applied to the nursing program. Yep, sounds about right. 

Flagstaff was great. It was really nice to just hang with Katy, visit our old spots, and relax. Of course there are always bittersweet memories there but it will always be a place I cherish. We also got to see a little football action in there and enjoyed some nice meals. It's nice to go to "neighborhood" places and not be surrounded by chains and chains of crap! 

So yeah, job searching was frustrating because there is nothing and I really didn't want to go back to G's because it's serving/bartending, but I don't have many options! I'll be starting next week. I'm not quite sure how much money I'll be making per month and I'm a little scared! Hopefully I'll be able to make the mortgage:)

I officially applied to the nursing program so that's a good step! At least I'll be doing something while I'm waiting:) School starts the 24th. Hopefully it will be less stressful because these classes will be more stretched than the summer classes! 

Things that are upcoming: 
  • Katy's shower (1 of 2!)
  • Fall semeseter
  • Possibly a mind-clearing trip solo to Sedona next week
  • For once, I can't think of anything else!!!
Au revoir, 


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