Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another stone to step on.


I'm done with chemistry AND I have one day left of math. Then I apply to the nursing program! Wee! Chemistry felt so long but I am very glad to be finished with it. I ended up having to take a paper and pencil test because Rio's internet was having issues and I really liked it a lot better than the computer. Wish I could've done it like that the whole time! Starting August 24 I'll be taking my co-requisites. They're sort of in the middle of the day so I'm hoping to find a job to work around it. I applied to Sylvan on the internet but not really sure if they are hiring and their hours are limited. As much as I like bartending I really don't want to do it at Gallagher's and the hours are not ideal. We'll see. I need something though, and soon!

I went and saw Food, Inc. yesterday (by myself). I really enjoy those kinds of movies. It made me really glad that I no longer eat meat. I think everyone should have to see it. It's really sad to see how something like food can have so many consequences as well as greed behind it. It's a hard concept to internalize but there are so many connections to different things. I don't know. There are parts of Fast Food Nation in it...same idea. It does make me re-think what I eat and how I eat. Of course I don't eat perfectly and I realize that eating healthy can be expensive, but I do everything I can when grocery shopping to make 95% excellent choices. I have to put the cost of food into perspective, though. It's like I'll spend $4 for an iced coffee drink so I can't fret when I spend $2 for 1 avocado or $5 for a big box of organic spinach or $3 for cage free, organic eggs. Those things are way more useful and feed more mouths than a stupid coffee! Anyways...

Getting super excited to Flagstaff this weekend (girl weekend, and only two of us!). I think we'll see the Cardinals training camp, hit up some good ole spots, the usual. I would like to go to a wine bar while there. I hope our hotel is suitable...seems like a pretty busy weekend!

Alright, I'm going to organize our downstairs closet and have some lunch soon. Speak at ya later...


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