Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's live it up

It was my first day of school today!! I'm always feeling like a little kid! It starts to get more real every time I start a new's like, okay, this isn't ending anytime soon! I'm finding G to not be the most lucrative place in the world. I'm going to have to suffer through this semester though since my schedule isn't very forgiving for a money-making job.

My first class today was BIO 202. It's weird to have such short classes again. Time flies! It's really a continuation of 201 so I know what to expect for the most part. I'm actually supposed to be reading right now. Failing, obviously. No one really from 201 is in my class but I'm sure I'll make friends with my lab partner. We both agree our dogs are like our children.

Tomorrow I have 205. It will be a little different I think so I'm sort of excited for that!

This past weekend we went to Sedona for a short trip. We went on the Pink Jeep Tour, which was really fun. I'd like to try some of their other tours. The pictures just don't give it justice; you really have to experience it. I kinda blew the whole trip at dinner because I got really nauseous and we left early so I could go lay down. Poor Jonathan had to watch the football game from the hotel bed :( Oh, and then I puked up my pizza twice. I literally only had 2 bites of it! And I had a headache from hell. It was really weird. I did sleep from 7p-8a so I felt fine when I woke up. My appetite has been weird since, though. I'm still eating when I'm not hungry though. Haha. And I haven't had caffeine for 4 days! Not really on purpose, just sort of boycotting Starbucks (maybe once a week) and haven't bought any diet coke. I bought some Hansen's refreshments (they're not really soda) that are pretty good. I think with soda I just crave the carbonation.

Anyways, time to put lasagna in the oven and read before J gets home from the gym. I always put everything off until he gets home!

This week...working a few nights and Katy's shower on Saturday. Other than that, livin' the dream,


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