Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hitting for the Cycle

Well, hello!

So today was one of those days that justified for me what I'm doing. Some days I think if this was the best idea. I mean, I know it was, it just gets difficult sometimes when you're not making a regular income and have to depend on your other half. I guess it happens all of the time, it's just weird when you've never really lived that way? I don't know. Well that's not the only reason. This summer was hard on me with classes because they were so jam packed. That also made me question if I had any idea what I was doing. Someone who has struggled with science her whole life and now I have to learn all this so quickly?!? Ahhh! Anyways, what I'm saying is I did really well on my micro test, like above 100 percent, and very well on my bio 202 test. It gave me a boost of confidence. Sometimes I expect that I'm going to have no idea what the question is asking me and this time I'm like, "I 100 percent know that answer!" Feels really good!

Just finished a deep vacuum of the furniture. Oh, dogs. There was about 500 pounds of hair in the shop vac. Lovely. Well it's all worth it for those doggies:)

Since we last spoke, I went to Flagstaff to try to convince my brother to go there so we can stay with him when we visit. I think he secretly liked it. I got to hang out with Jessie on Friday night and that was fun. She was having a rough day. It was the anniversary of her husband's death so I was glad that she chose to spend it with me.

This week is flying by! I have to go try on my altered dress on Friday and get my shoes dyed. We also have Brad and Katy's shower on Saturday and I'm bartending on Sunday. I like it so much better than serving but serving isn't too bad. It's just the money!

Anyways, I'm going to finish my lab report, listen to the DBacks (no TV today!), and then we are making pizza and watching Earth. I've been wanting to see that movie forever!



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