Thursday, September 3, 2009

I won't just buy you a rose.

Hello. Not a happy camper today. Well, I'm not mad or sad, just feel a cold coming on since yesterday and I've tried everything to make it go away and it's lingering! I rarely, rarely get sick so I tend to freak out when I do. Okay, a cold isn't necessarily "sick" but ya know. This morning I did some yoga and couldn't find my mat (okay, I didn't exactly look for it) so I did it on the carpet of the living room and I had a big dog hair body sweater when I was done.

The last two times I've tried to donate blood I've felt like a cold was coming on. Yesterday, my blood squirted all over the place. It was quite watery. Again, my iron was too low. She told me to have some chocolate covered raisins and spinach to up my iron so of course I obliged on the raisins:)

School is going well. I'm actually enjoying it and not feeling any bit of stress (yet) since it's going so slow! Love it! I'm really enjoying microbiology and am terrified of touching anything when I leave that class.

Have you ever wanted to just move somewhere? Now? Today I have this urge to move to Florida. I think I am just really wanting to visit my aunt and uncle's house there. It's so beautiful and I'm so upset we didn't take more pictures and sit in the backyard more. Hello, the ocean is right there?! Really, realllllly want to go. Then maybe I won't have such an itch to move there. We also may be going to Puerto Vallarta in March with some friends. By then I should have (hopefully) a job that makes more money, as well as more time during the day to work!

Not much upon the horizon. I think this weekend we will be having True Food for dinner, go special shopping, hang with Silvio and Jess and who knows what else. Oh, I have to work Sunday. Might be going to Flagstaff if I don't have to work next Friday. My brother is touring the campus (of course he thinks I can only show him the bars)! Yep, yep.

Alright, fighting with my cold for a few minutes, then off to work!

Can I get a...,


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