Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm really worried about Chase. I won't go into too much graphic detail but he's not doing very well:( The vet was booked today so we can't take him until tomorrow, which was our date night, so that is ruined! But I just hope he's okay and whatever he has / needs isn't too expensive!

Today we went on a field trip to Rio Salado, or Salt River, in Spanish. It was nice to be outside of the classroom (which by the way has had no air conditioning  since before Spring Break) and take a break from AIMS Prep!! Cannot wait until that's over! I told my kids we can do whatever they want after AIMS and I 100% mean it.

Starting to feel better about my BIO class. I'm really pushing myself to take notes, do all the online practice, and really have a good understanding of it. I know it will be helpful in the long run. I only have three weeks left and then I start CHM! Ouch. I really need these refreshers though! And it's not cutting into my "real" pre-requisite time. 

It is so peaceful right now in my house. No TV, no dogs at my feet. I'm going to enjoy this. Until later,


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