Friday, March 13, 2009

these hammers and strings been following me around.

Today I took my midterm. 

Needless to say, I did about as well as I thought I would. Basically on the way out I said to myself, "Erica, you've gotta step it up!" But I mean, how much more can I "step it up"? I mean, all the males in my house hate me because this is what I do all day and night. Minus my other career. I sit at my computer, read, write notes, take practice quizzes, do activities, write my essays, do my labs, and then when I get distracted (which is often), hit up facebook, blogger, twitter, azcentral, and so on. Then to top it off we put ourselves on this super- awesome yet strict budget with cash. It sort of sucks because I'm thinking, "what can I do to make up for my craziness?" and then I remember things cost money and I only have $20 left until Sunday. And it feels so good to be so strict. I feel financially free which is sort of the opposite feeling one might think you would have. So here I am, thinking of things that don't cost money, or a lot of it at least. Any suggestions would be great. Of course, a glass of wine and some Scrabble never hurt anyone. :)

So in the meantime, I'll be stepping it up and burning myself out and killing all my relationships. Until next time,


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