Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From one thankless job to another.

I decided to TRY to keep this to record my thoughts, challenges, discoveries, frustrations, and successes as I make one of the most stressful changes a person can make in life: career change.

I asked for a challenge, and boy am I getting one already! I am halfway through my first pre-requisite to enter the nursing program, basically an introductory biology course. It's so interesting yet so abstract to me at this point. I am busting my butt to understand it so I have a strong foundation. I took biology freshmen year I believe. Sure, I remember seeing these terms before but I can tell you I remember absolutely no concepts. I'm dreading the midterm I will be taking on Friday, with no security from my books or notes, just my brain. It's really just starting over fresh. Education/science...totally different!

On the same note, I'm singed up for classes through Fall 09. Of course I had to have my advisor override all of them because they require pre-requisites which I am either in the process of taking or will take right before. That means I have to pass them first! I don't want to get straight Bs! But then again that's better than straight Cs! I'm very determined at this point and want to do well for myself, my family, my future patients. It's all very overwhelming the further I get into it. I already see the late(r) nights, the neglect, the frustration. But then I envision going to work in scrubs and tennis shoes and there's my motivation right there. I have to apologize in advance to anyone near and dear to me for the next 2 years. Bare with me, please.

In the meantime, I am forcing myself to have some balance in my life. Including, but not limited to, baseball games, six packs, hikes, jogs, mindless tv watching, fiction. 

To sum it up, if I can get through this class unscathed, I can do the rest of it!

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