Saturday, August 14, 2010

Go With Peace and Love

Happy Saturday! I enjoyed my day and I hope you did too. A lot of it was spent running around and getting things done with J. We got our DVR box back (now that we're a two income family, it's how we roll, hahah!) and fabric for bulletin boards, ate breakfast, and then J helped me in my classroom for a little bit. 

Later on, J went to the football game (Go, Cards!) and I did some more running around...the fun kind. Got some cute tops, replaced some makeup, and some shower stuff. I didn't find any shoes :( Hopefully tomorrow. While shopping my car battery died (boo!) and Progressive came to save the day! It really took them about 15 minutes from when I called to come jump my car. Awesomeness! I went to get my battery checked and it was no bueno. I just missed my 2 year warranty by a few weeks so instead of a free battery, I had to pay $25, which isn't too bad. I FINALLY got my eyebrows waxed. After tomorrow I'll be ready for the new school year starting Monday! Yay!

I am very grateful for all the people that made my day fabulous, including, but not limited to, the Roadside service guy, the lady who put my car battery in, and the eyebrow groomer. That is all.

Enjoy your weekend and be grateful for those people that make our life wonderful in little ways :)

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