Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Won't Always Live Not Stopping


Hope you had a great day because I did! I am currently watching the DBacks game with my feet propped up perfectly content. Our after work drink may have something to do with my content-ness (I was craving a bloody mary all day!).

Today I met my "team" at work. I have a weird position where not much really applies to me and I don't really have a "place" I belong so my team is three other specialists and myself. They are all super cool and I feel so lucky with my job. As a previous classroom teacher, I KNOW how much work it is to be a classroom teacher. This position is really a dream job (so far!) and I am glad I worked hard for my masters and paid my dues in the classroom!

Anyway, in other news, the kittens are doing great. They're healthy, eating and pooping on their own, and becoming social butterflies. They are a lot of work as far as giving them their medicine, feeding the separately, and that darn litter box, but we'll miss them when they're gone :( Please pay no mind to the terrible picture of me, but look at that cute kitten face. This kitten (Jackson) comes over the gate every night to come hang out with us. He's precious. I knew he was a trouble maker from the first day we met.

Well I've got a lot of beginning of the year stuff to print up so I better get cracking. I forgot to mention that Allison asked me to be in her wedding in May. So excited! This year's been full of high highs and low lows and a lot of the highs are babies and weddings! Yay!


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