Sunday, August 8, 2010

You're Everywhere

What a great weekend! We enjoyed getting out of the heat and into the beautiful Flagstaff. Allison, J and I went up for the Cardinals scrimmage and the Big Red Pour.

We left bright (dark) and early Saturday morning and got to Flagstaff where it was cloudy and looking like rain. The scrimmage was moved to the Dome because it did start to rain. Pour, actually. We were soaked while waiting to get inside but had a great time once we were there. After the practice we went back to the hotel, dried off, and got ready for lunch. I love Charley's so we ate a delicious meal there, watching the rain continue to come down. We decided to go to the second half of the beer fest and hope that the rain would let up. The weather was still pretty cold so we didn't exactly prepare (that's what packing at 4 a.m. will do) so we did some shopping for warmer clothes.

Our hotel had a free happy hour that we of course took advantage of. When it was time to walk downtown the sun came out. Yay!

The beer fest was okay...the different breweries were running out of beer and there ended up not being a whole lot of options. We watched a few songs by Michelle Branch, gave away our remaining beers on our passport, and hit up good ole Maloney's. We had drinks and good convo. At the end of the night my sandal broke so I proceeded to walk through the bar and to get a cab barefoot. Lovely. We woke up this morning for breakfast and headed back. I was still shoeless. Haha.

I love, love, love Flagstaff. It will always be a bittersweet place for me, more so now, but I hope one day, if we're not living there, we have a second home there. Hopefully the dogs will be able to come with us next time; our hotel we stayed at allows pets for no fee! Fabulous!

Excited for the week and planning and getting ready for the year!

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