Thursday, June 25, 2009

ABC, 123.

This is a random entry, but I feel if something has an impact on you, you should write about it. 

Now I would never call myself a Michael Jackson fan. Like I would never see him in concert (or at least die for tickets, ya know?) but he is someone whose music I felt like I grew up with. Today I likened him to Elvis for our parents' generation. An icon. No matter how much he changed, internally and externally, he was still someone who touched people a LOT-some more than others. Whether you like him or not, there is no denying you KNOW him and if you SAW him in person, you would be STARSTRUCK. Regardless of things he may or may not have done or been accused of, he was a person, a troubled person maybe, an influential person. This is part of my life where I will remember where I was when it happened, and how it literally silenced the whole place.

On a side note, the day started with Farrah Fawcet dying, whom I never really know except for her antics on a talk show and a TV show, but she had a sad story and I hope she doesn't feel overshadowed. 

Sad day. 

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