Sunday, June 14, 2009

Taking a break from my chromatography lab! I had to come up with a better way to run the experiment since I'm obviously smarter than the chemistry department heads:) It's running much more smoothly. Now I'm just waiting for my solvent to rise to the top. Wow, exciting! The anticipation is killing me!

I am about 1/2 way through my summer school. I just keep telling myself, "It's only 4 weeks!" Today I did some rearranging of my schedule for summer II and fall. Basically the BIO 202 class I was enrolled in for Summer II was a CO-requisite, which I knew already, but I don't really need it yet so I am taking it in the fall now. Summer classes are very demanding and I'm stressing enoug with two, and I would have 3 this summer. I am keeping my math class (last thing I need before I apply) and finishing off chemistry. July is a very busy month with 2 trips planned (wedding and bachelorette party) so I don't want that extra stress when it is not needed. Now in the fall I'll have 202 and microbiology, M-Th 10-12:45 I think so I will have a good amount of in between time. It will work out better that way and J will be a lot less annoyed with me probably :)  I am doing pretty well in 201 so far. It definitely takes a lot of outside studying time but I'm learning a lot very quickly! 

In other related news, this week is busy! I have an info session for the Banner Health program, which I HOPE so badly I will get accepted to. I also am taking the NET on Friday. I'm not very worried about it, yet I want to make sure I do well, not just get a passing grade. The only thing that could potentially work against me is the timing! Very anxious to get that over with. 

In other unrelated news, I will be in Vegas for Blink 182 and MCS (OMG!) the day before the bachelorette party and I am super super super excited. And I have to find a dress to wear to my step-brothers wedding. It'll be outside in Madison (humid!) so I don't want anything too fancy but nice and comfortable. 

Well I think my solvent is rising. After this is done I am off to do some last minute studying for my lecture and lab test tomorrow for BIO 201. 


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