Monday, June 29, 2009

The end is (already?!) near.

So basically I have no real days of my lab left and one real day of my lecture left. Lab final Wednesday, lecture final Thursday. Thank goodness. As much as I DON'T have to do, I am not a fan of the summer school, especially just starting out. Once I get more into the groove of things, I HOPE I'll be okay. Well I am taking math but I have a way better background in math. I think. I have been making notecard after notecard, taking one practice test after another, and of course, I still don't feel 100%. Hopefully I can make my mind-over-matter work and The Secret come into play and I'll do fine:) I'll feel really great once it's over, even though it was veeeerrrry overwhelming. 

Yesterday was very productive. I got three assignments done for chemistry. Now I just need to finish my lab before we leave Thursday (aah!). I guess I'm so used to leaving places on Friday that I don't realize how fast it's coming! 

Excited to go to Wisconsin and show Jonathan around a little. I got a few new dresses to wear too. I always find cute dresses but never have anywhere to wear them! Hopefully the weather will comply. 

Taking a little break, now it's time to get back to the notecards and folding the laundry and finish "My Sister's Keeper" so I can see the movie. 

Happy end of Summer I, 


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