Thursday, June 18, 2009

Turn the Beat Around.

Good morning. 

I have taken today off of school because 1) I was REALLY tired when the 5:30 alarm went off because of happy hour last night (yes, happy hour, ha!), and 2) it is basically a review day so I am going to review with myself. I did take a two hour nap right after I woke up but now I'm going to take a shower, get some Starbucks, and get started!

Tomorrow I am taking the NET. Very excited and very motivated to do well, especially after the Banner Info Session. Then this weekend includes studying away! There is so much information each week and I need to work more on the physiology part. I'm okay with the memorization and naming, just the function part of it gets confusing. Going to be watching a lot of tutorials today and this weekend. 

We are also shopping for wedding attire for my step-brothers wedding. Also planning and getting excited for Vegas!

This guy on Channel 10 is showing off a bunch of Skymall stuff and none of it is working. Ha, how embarrassing. 

Okay, off to ruin my body with some caffeine,


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