Monday, June 8, 2009

You can breathe now.

Today I had my first lab practical and lecture test. I felt pretty good about them...afterwards in the lecture I was thinking to myself, "Always go with your gut!" a few times because I changed an answer or two. I KNOW I got nothing below a B, but I'm hoping with my extra credit question answered correctly I have an A. I have a lot of complaints about my teacher, not because I like to complain, but probably because 1) I'm a teacher 2) I don't even know where to start...To sum him up... He is a little cocky, unprofessional,  and lazy. I have many things to back this up. Of course I would never say this to his face or call him out on his crap everyday because he seems quite vengeful. And I can see why he's gotten fired from two other CCs. Let's just say I will actually fill out an evaluation:) After how many years in college??

Anyways, great weekend in San Diego! I love watching the DBacks in other places. I really want to go back in September! It was relaxing but at the same time weird to sleep with no dogs! Speaking of dogs, we now have 3 because we are dog sitting! Crazy dogs...

I feel very relaxed with no "job" and just school to worry about. It's weird. I should probably be stressed out wondering how I'll pay for the mortgage in September! I just haven't decided what I want to do yet. It's taken me a while to be "okay" with kind of bumming it. No one else seems to care but me, though. I'm paying my bills and feeding us so why should anyone care?!

Very excited to have drinks with Danielle tomorrow! I haven't been able to have a conversation with her really in forever! It's always been casual (school, birthday) and couldn't delve deep into gossip. And I'll get to meet the new one. 

Looking forward to: taking my NET next week, a Flag trip with Katy, and our Wisconsin trip! Well going to watch the DBacks and make some more notecards and do some reading. Speaking of reading, I got to enjoy a few pages of "My Sister's Keeper" on the beach without feeling guilty about it. Hopefully I'll be able to continue reading it. 

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