Friday, May 22, 2009

4 More Days, Just 4 More Days.

I can't believe it! What's even scarier is that I start school a week from Monday! AAH! And that also means we leave for San Diego in two weeks. YAY!.

I've really enjoyed the gloomy weather lately. I love the rain, especially at night. So peaceful! And we don't have to water plants. Double yay! 

This week went by very fast, surprisingly. We went to Mexicali on Saturday just for the night to see Jonathan's grandma and family. It was very dirty and buggy but very peaceful and fun. Definitely needed a shower when we returned but it was worth it;)

Looking forward to a three-day weekend. Kind of wish that I was going somewhere nature-y but I have a lot to catch up on this weekend including laundry, shampooing the carpets, homework, putting up new curtains for the sliding door, and who knows what else. We're going to head out to Scottsdale to get the shampooer from Mom and have some dinner/drinks/movie. 

Happy long weekend, 

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