Monday, May 25, 2009

This is Just a Dream.

What a great, long weekend. Usually 3 day weekends feel like they go by faster than normal weekends but this one was great and productive.

On Friday we picked up the shampooer from my mom's house and went to happy hour with Rob and Michael. I think we just hung out after that. It seems so long ago! Saturday I shampooed one room and cleaned, then Jonathan's family came over for his dad's birthday and we grilled and of course I cooked everything from scratch even though J told me at about 1pm they would be over. It was yummy but we have a lot of left overs, which I guess is a good thing;) We also babysat Angelina. She's a good baby. I can't wait till we can take her to baseball games. I guess we could do that now, actually, before we have to pay for a seat for her. Or is that airplanes? Oh well.

Yesterday I scrambled to get all my homework and my lab done during the day. The best part (here ya go, Brad) was having to go to CVS for just one thing: glycerin. Well the only liquid I could find was like an anal suppository with a lubed tip. Yep. So I had to buy a bunch of random stuff so it wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb. Then we met Katy and Brad at Le Grande Orange for dinner. Not too impressed. My salad was good but the pizza was awful. Thinking back I really should have said something. If anyone in my kitchen ever let that go out to a table, I'd be pissed. It was a simple Margherita pizza and it was rock hard and over cooked. Somehow we managed to eat most of it. Then we saw Angels and Demons. Wasn't too bad. I had low expectations to begin with. 

Today I made finishing touches to my homework, went to Target (Erica, you technically don't have a job anymore...don't go to Target!), took the dogs for a walk, shampooed some more carpets, did yoga, and now I'm waiting for my gardener to come inside so I can un-pause Jon and Kate Plus Eight. I'm soooo ready to watch the premiere! I may just start without him. I have been waiting 23 minutes. 

I keep going through these phases with my body. Like I feel good about it, then I feel like a cow....ugh. I keep having good weeks with exercise then really busy weeks where it's 8 or 9 before I can work out and that's too late- I'll be up all night. I just need to get back into the swing of things!

Well four more days of a career, and in one week I start school. I'm so nervous! I just need to get past the first day! Okay, off to press play. J can watch it later!

We salute you,

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