Friday, May 1, 2009

We're half awake in a fake empire.

Totally overplayed, but swine flu. Am I supposed to be worried? Because I'm not. I'm just really annoyed at all of the fear mongering. I'll probably jinx myself, but I do not think I have ever had the flu...nor have I been vaccinated for it ever. I have colds like twice a year. I shake my kids' hands every morning after they wipe their runny noses and stick their fingers who knows where. I have a pretty kick-ass immune system. Ha. I'm not running around with a mask anytime soon. But I also will not be going to Mexico anytime soon:)
Chase has been sick vomiting and bloody stool. Yum. Second time in month and a half. I feel like such a bad mom. No kids of mine are getting sick! Of course I take him to the vet because if I don't, he'd probably die and I'd feel really guilty. But it costs $200 each time. Geez. And today the microscope examination cost $50...she said "I'm going to look at this under the microscope" and doesn't bother to tell me I'll have to pay her for her time. Ugh, so annoying.
Okay, getting excited for my birthday tomorrow (kinda). It's supposed to rain, of course, and I have ANOTHER sick one so maybe Jake will be my date:) 
Off to finish my lab and watch beisbol! 

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