Thursday, May 28, 2009

Burst of Exhaustion!

Yeah, not energy. Ugh. 

Today is weird. It was like a giant rollercoaster of emotions between really the "last" day of school and a gazillion other things. Packing away all my stuff, an empty classroom, reading my yearbook notes from my students, spending a lot of money that needs to be spent but don't really have...yikes! I felt a headache coming on so I had a green monster and ran on the treadmill but wasn't feeling it. The headache never went away. After I made dinner I sat down and just wanted to sleep for days. My eyes were and still are sooooo tired. I'm hoping to make it an early night.

Everything is just kind of hitting me now. Even though school is done tomorrow I have to study for my midterm, start class on Monday, take the NET soon, worry about spending money wisely (or not spending)... it's my new reality! All these weddings (okay, 2) and travels are stressful! And I guess switching careers is pretty stressful for anyone so it's expected. I'll just have to learn to deal with it! 

Heading over to Mr. Wann's house tomorrow for a farewell and maybe to Pan Asia for a few sake bombs. I am making the commitment in writing that I will be at the library on Saturday. I MUST keep my A in Chemistry so I need to study down for my midterm since I will be starting classes Monday through Thursday and leaving for San Diego Friday. I've done pretty well this week with keeping up with house stuff so I won't be overwhelmed with that this weekend. 

Enjoying a glass of wine and hoping the DBacks don't falter again,

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