Monday, May 11, 2009

The Hills are Alive

So here is my prep work for my homemade pizza. I used Chris Bianco's dough recipe (hello, chef/owner of my fav..Pizzeria Bianco) and was so worried I'd screw it up, but I was actually quite proud how it turned out. Here's the final product (the first pizza): 
Not too shabby if I'd say so myself. Topped it off with basil from the garden:) 

Yesterday was really fun with my mom, brother, and sister. We had some pizza (again) at Z Pizza and watched the baseball game. And they actually won. I have a new boyfriend on the DBacks. My mom kept calling him Fill-a-pee. Ha. I am reLAXing tonight...and tutoring Jonathan's sister in math tomorrow...Hope I know the math:) And hope my legs aren't too sore from my run/buns and thighs yoga.

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