Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whole lotta love.

Today was busy and hectic but got a lot accomplished. Well, there's always more on the to-do list but I've got a good start. OOH and I sold my first item on eBay! I put some textbooks up from my Masters classes. Man, I am an aggressive pricer! I not really looking to make a career out of it and I know how much it sucks to pay that much for a book! Hopefully my other ones will sell!
Came home, did yoga...I really am glad I came back to yoga after running for a while. It's a lot more movement and not so tedious and I'm not starting at a white wall. It's been working my quads and my core but it feels so good to be sore! Then I improvised some guacamole in honor of Cinco de Mayo using some 68 cent avocados! This was before I mashed: 
Didn't take an after picture because I had to dig in right away...so good!
Then Jonathan was watering the plants and we found this cute little guy in our backyard: 

We did release him, don't worry:) Off to watch the DBacks suck some more, American Idol, and HOUSEWIVES!


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