Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What do I want to know?

That's what the yoga lady kept saying to me today...I did an "unwind" yoga...I started to do a core yoga but my abs were still sore from Saturday, I swear! I'm either needing sleep badly or to the brink of exhaustion. Ah, 16 more school days left.
Today I made the best salad...spring mix, toasted pine nuts, crumbled blue cheese, raspberry vinegairette, and red onion. Delish. Also made a roasted red pepper/mozzarella chesse melt on this delicious jalapeno bread from Safeway that was 98 cents. Did not post the picture because I'm in the process of doing 42 things right now. Obviously succeeding 100% at all of them. 
Let's see, how off have I been on the date today? Well I wrote the year "2007" one point during the day and October on my homework. Who knows where my head is?
Looking forward to Mother's Day because I get to go to Breakfast Club with my family and then we're going hiking. Hopefully I won't die of heat stroke. But I do get to use my Camel Pak or whatever it's called. 
Alright, off to finish my chemistry. Totally not focused this week. I think I'm worried because it's getting harder and I want to keep my A! I think, I hope, I have a different mindset with this class. I'm looking forward to being in an actual class with people and a teacher in June. So sooooon! I'm getting a little nervous but still excited. Yipes. Okay, I'm really going now.

See you tomorrow,

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